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Go Global Against The Current

Go Global Against The Current

At 9 am May 1, the 48th OTC exhibition was held in Huston. In the background of oil and gas industries lasted downturn, R&T run upstream. On the first day, R&T won new and old customers' visits.


Huston is known as the global oil capital and is the hub for energy and petrochemical industry in USA. 45 companies of the national top 200 oil and gas listed companies, set up their headquarters in Huston. Following 40 years of oil and gas industries new technology, the OTC exhibition is the largest and most influential exhibition in the world.And it’s the most important exhibition in oil drilling, exploitation, production and environmental protection. It’s unmissable.


The appearance of R&T group marks it landed on the international stage and went global successfully. During the exhibition, R&T group shows the product and service for global customers. And it attracts lots of industry leaders coming to visit.


Our booth is in the NRG Center with the maximal people flux. On first day, R&T attracted lots of old and new customers to visit by our products. The GM SunYing and Regional Sales Director LinXiang of International Business Division answered their problems and discussed with the future cooperation.


Our production based on domestic,our marketing entered in the international market. Our service areas focus on more than 20countries and areas. The appearance of R&T group on OTC,showed our brand and image. It also raised our awareness. It laid the foundation for enlarging the American, Canadian and European market.

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