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Clients From The Middle East Visited R&T Group

Clients From The Middle East Visited R&T Group

On June 13, the customers from the Middle East visited the Shengli Oilfield R&T Group. They are accompanied by Liu Yong, general manager of the group, and other relevant leaders of the International Business Department.

The focus of this visit is to investigate the technical strength and management level of the group and to discuss on the cooperation between two sides.
Accompanied by the leaders of the group, the customer first visited the production workshop. They gave high appraisals to the orderly and well-equipped production environment. In the physical and chemical laboratory, promoted test equipment and efficient testing level were also highly recognized by customers.
"Shengli Oilfield R&T Group is very qualified with its API system running continuously and effectively; the production workshop is also in line with our requirements." The clients said that local factories had already built and they had been looking for technical cooperation with qualified companies such as Shengli Oilfield R&T Group.
Under the concept of complementary advantages and win-win cooperation, the two sides had a in-depth discussion on the way to exert their advantages, the mode of their cooperation and the content of development planning. After that, they reached a preliminary state of cooperation.

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