R&T Group
Valves & Elbow Project Shipped Successfully

Valves, products of Shengli Oilfield R&T Group designed  for the Kazakhstan customers were successfully shipped on June 28th.
After receiving the customer's demands, the international business department of Shengli Oilfield R&T Group responded quickly. It made the customized design according to the customer's requirements, and took incharge of all the details. After more-than-two-months’ technical communication, the company successfully signed the purchase agreement with the customer. During the production, the various departments of the group strictly control the quality of production, and pay attention to the details of the products. The rigorous and earnest attitude left  the customer a good impression.The customer said, "we will maintain a good business relationship with Shengli Oilfield R&T Group and we are looking forward to further cooperation."

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