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Kazakhstan's Centralizer Project Shipped Smoothly
On May 13, the centralizers were successfully shipped from the Shengli Oilfield R&T Group to Kazakhstan.

Since the beginning of the project, the customer has made stricter requirements on product certification, product technical specifications, and product samples. After more than a month of technical communication and clarification, our company provided the customer with technical specifications, technical drawings, material test report and samples which passed the technical examination and inspection of the customer one by one. Before, the R&T Group has won the bid among dozens of competitors with its work efficiency, high-quality technical documentation and reliable product quality.

The successful implementation of the Kazakhstan Centralizer Project has laid a solid foundation for Shengli Oilfield R&T Group to open the market in Kazakhstan. Currently, the second phase of the project is under negotiation. With its reliable product and service, Shengli Oilfield R&T Group will win more orders in central Asia.

Kazakhstan's Centralizer Project Shipped Smoothly
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