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Several Projects Of R&T Group Successfully Delivered

As of February 19, 2017, Oil Equipment Maintenance and Leasing Project of A Engineering Company, Check Valve Project of Shengli Oilfield B Oil Plant and Grinding Discs Project of C Company were successfully delivered.
In order to ensure the perfect completion of the work, R&T Group has meticulously planned and deployed the projects. All departments cooperated actively, and each step focused on innovation and cooperation. All employees maintained the work style of unity, rigorous, refinement. These contributed to the successful delivery of these projects.
The successful delivery of projects firmed our confidence to open the domestic and international market and inspired our morale. R&T Group is committed to be your "Reliable & Trustable" partner. We will continuously improve the quality of the product and service, and create more value for customers all over the world.

Several Projects of R&T Group Successfully Delivered

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