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Annular Manifold

Annular Manifold

Types: Short-radius movable manifold, long-radius movable manifold, integral movable manifold
Working pressure: 35MPa~105MPa( 5000psi~15000psi)
Normial diameter: 1-1/2’’, 2’’, 3’’, 4’’

R&T Group' s Annular manifold meet API 16C and is mainly used on high pressure discharge pipeline, water pipeline, temporary liquid flow pipeline, well test pipeline, cement and circulation pipeline and other high pressure flow pipeline, and the working pressure can reach 105MPa in the condition of low temperature. All the materials are in accordance with ASTM or GB standard. Acidic environment products are in accordance with NACE-MR0175.

Annular manifold is connected by wing union, with the characteristics of fast make-up, fast break-out, pressure-resistant for seal, and it is easy to be folded, convenient for transportation and storage.

Active elbow matched with annular manifold has some advantages such as better flexibility, large flow-rate and shock resistance.
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