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Butterfly Valve

Butterfly Valve

1. Material: WCB、 WC6 、WC9、A105、 F11、 CF8、 CF8M
2. Working pressure: CLASS150-CLASS300
3. Nominal diameter: DN50-DN1200
4. Temperature: -196℃-650℃
5. Connection type:flange , center-line wafer butterfly valve
6. Simple and compact structure, compact and lightweight, easy disassembly, transportation and installation.
7. The 90 on – off switch quickly. Operation torque small lightweight effort.
8. Good sealing performance, long service life, can achieve zero leakage.
9. Wide selection of materials, applicable for various media.
10. Similar to the linear flow characteristics, good regulating performance.

Butterfly valve is mainly consists of the valve body, a rotating shaft, valve plate, seat and drive mechanism etc., by driving mechanism driven shaft and the butterfly plate rotation to achieve the purpose of opening and closing and flow control.

Our butterfly valve can be used in petroleum, chemical industry, food, medicine, paper making, water and electricity, shipping, to the pipeline of the drainage, metallurgy, energy, and the system, applicable to a variety of corrosive gas, liquid, semi liquid and powder medium.

We can provide "A" type wafer butterfly valve, flange type butterfly valve, Hard sealing wafer butterfly valve and so on.

We established a complete, practical and effective quality management system under the requirements of ISO 9001 international quality system and make sure all the production procedures are under strict surveillance. Our products and service have been used in more than twenty countries and regions including America, Canada, Mexico, Germany, Australia, India, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Colombia, Kuwait, Russia, Kazakhstan, and so on.

How Butterfly Valve Works

A butterfly valve is a type of valve that opens and closes and regulates a fluid passage by using a circular disc as an opening and closing member and rotating with a valve stem. Butterfly plate of butterfly valve is installed in the pipe diameter direction. In the cylindrical channel of butterfly valve body , the disc-shaped butterfly plate rotates around the axis, with the rotation angle ranging from 0 ° to 90 °. When the angle is 90 °, the valve is in fully opened state. If the deflection angle of the butterfly plate gets changed , the media flow could be controled.

Butterfly Valve Advantages

The structure of butterfly valve is simple, with only a few components,and it consumes fewer materials. It has advantages as small size, light weight, small installation size, small driving torque. It is easy and efficient to operate, just when the rotating angle turns to 90 °,  it will be opened and closed quickly. It also functions well in flow controlling and has the feature of closure and sealing. The butterfly valve is the leading form in the field of large medium caliber and low medium pressure. When the butterfly valve is fully opened , the thickness of the butterfly plate is the only resistance to the flow of the medium through the valve body, so the pressure which drops across the valve is small . Therefore butterfly valve has good characteristics in flow controlling.

Butterfly Valve Application

The structure length and the overall height of the butterfly valve are minor. It operates quickly when being opened and closed. When it is fully opened, it has less fluid resistance. When it is opened between about 15 ° and 70 °, sensitive flow control is available. Accordingly, under the following conditions, butterfly valve is recommended :
  • Require cutting, regulating flow controlling; 
  • Mud media and media containing solid particles; 
  • Require the occasion that valve structure is of the short length ; 
  • Requiring the occasion that opening and closing is of high speed ; 
  • Minor pressure occasions. 
The butterfly valve can be chosen in the two-bit regulation, narrow mouth of the channel, low noise, cavitation and gasification phenomenon, a small amount of leakage to the atmosphere and corrosive media situations. When using the butterfly valves under special operating conditions such as in throttling regulation, or requiring strict sealing, or being severe wearing and tearing, or in cryogenic (extremely cryogenic) conditions and so on, special designed metal seal with the regulation of three eccentrics or double eccentrics butterfly valves should be put into use.
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