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Drilling Tools
Drilling Tools
R&T Group's drilling tools mainly include drill pipe, drill collar, heavy weight drill pipe, kelly, drill bit. Nowadays, with its various and excellent products as well as warm and thoughtful service, we have won the praise of customers both at home and abroad. Products are sold all over the world to Europe, Australia, North America, Southeast Asia, etc. High quality product and company credibility are unanimously praised by customers. In the future, we will constantly rely on high-quality products, advanced management and services; cooperate with customers around the world to jointly create a fastener production base in China.

Specification of our Drilling Tool

Our products are produced strictly according to the international standard of API and the domestic petroleum, petrochemical industry standards; carrying out test for products before delivering to ensure their quality. The company has set up a quality management framework which supervises material quality control, production process, specification control, unfinished and finished products circulation. Our company is equipped with various instruments namely, the magnetic Flus Leakage, and is fully capable of test analyses in areas of elongation, impact, bending, hardness, chemical composition, metallographic and so on. All inspectors are fully qualified and certified by the authorities.

Items of Drilling Tool

  • Drill pipe: is the basic part consisting drill colum, the main function is deepening well hole, transmit torque and forming drilling liquid circulation passage.
  • Drill collar:is used to ensure the necessary strength of compression
  • Heavy weight drill pipe: is mainly used between dill collar and dill pipe to ease transition stress concentration and reduce the rate between contact area and outer wall wear, which can effectively prevent the pressure sticking.
  • Kelly: designed according to advanced Modular-element principle with six ribs laid on tubes.
  • Drill bit: FJ Series Metal Sealed Bearing Bit, FR Series Rubber Sealed Bearing Bit, ZS 1904 IADC: S122.
  • Drill Pipe

    Drill Pipe

    Drill pipe is the basic part consisting drill column, the main function is deepening well hole, transmit torque and forming drilling liquid circulation passage.

  • Drill Collar

    Drill Collar

    Specification of Drill Collar; Product features of Drill Collar; Usage of Drill Collar;

  • Heavy Weight Drill Pipe

    Heavy Weight Drill Pipe

    The performance of heavy weight drill pipe meets requirements of API Spec 7 – 1. Heavy Weight Drill Pipe is easy to operate and can save tripping time.

  • Kelly


    The advantages of our Kelly bar, such as low weight, high strength, high abrasion-resistance, and high-reliability are safeguarded.

  • Drill Bit

    Drill Bit

    FJ Series Metal Sealed Bearing Bit; FR Series Rubber Sealed Bearing Bit; ZS 1904 IADC: S122

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