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Flexible Elbow

Flexible Elbow

  • Working pressure: 2000-20000PSI
  • Normial diameter: 1″-3″
Flexible elbow is a kind of a metal pipe adapter with integral ball bearing. It adopts gold-plated high strength steel with heat treatment to ensure the strength under rated working pressure with long service life. Flexible elbow is equipped with steel ball in the hardened orbit which can do flexible rotation. The connection of both ends can be LP inner thread or union connection. It is suitable for all kinds of pipeline installation method.  WT2x1502 high pressure flexible elbow is mainly composed with elbow body, bent sub, straight sub, rubber seal and union joint. This product adopts high quality alloy steel with forging and specific machining, so it has good mechanical performance and sealing performance.  Sealing type adopts "U" type and "O" type double seal ring, "U" type seal ring will make expansion automatically against seal surface under pipe pressure. "O" type seal ring will contact end surface and sealing surface at the same time, so it has good sealing performance.  All the fittings are equipped with the "O" type seal ring to prevent impurities from entering the space between steel ball and ball groove to guarantee good mechanical performance. Steel ball for fittings is made of bearing steel, and all the groove surface is wear-resistant and corrosion resistant after heat treatment. The elbow is flexible and rotate freely after connection, so its direction can be regulated and it is convenient to operate.

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