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Fracturing Wellhead

Fracturing Wellhead

1. Working pressure: 10000-20000PSI
2. Material grade: BB-FF
3. Normial diameter: 2 9/16″-5 1/8″
4. Temperature grade: LU/PU
5. Specification grade: PSL1-PSL3G
6. Performance grade: PR1/PR2
7. Standard: API 6A
8. Applicable casing: 4-1/2"-7"
9. Main bore size: 5-1/8"(130mm),
10. Side outlet size:2-1/16"(52mm)
11. actuated valve ( 5-1/8"×15,000PSI, it can shut off immediately when wellhead ruptured or leaking ), 1x KRSR
12. test valve ( 5-1/8"×15,000PSI), and 1 upper cross over connector 5-1/8×15,000psi - 5FIG1502.

Fracturing tree us designed and manufactured in accordance with API 6A specification. The material complies with requirements of NACE MR0175. Full forging steel fracturing head and high pressure union connection can meet the requirements of on – site fracturing equipment connection. Full forging steel hydraulic fracturing gate valve is characterized by high pressure resistance and erosion resistance, which can be remote controlled. Full forging steel manual fracturing gate valve is characterized by high pressure resistance, erosion resistance and low torque.

With advanced technological equipment and a strong technical strength, our products in accordance with international standard ISO and API, national standard GB and other professional standards. Also our products are widely used in oilfield, chemical, shipbuilding, metallurgic and power station, ect., besides, special wellhead equipment products can also be provided according to user demand.

Fracturing wellhead working process

1. Construction preparation
(1) The personnel must be familiar with the fracturing construction design;
(2) Investigation of well fields and roads:
Investigation of road conditions to the wellsite, including: road surface, bridge, culvert, elevated cable and so on;
Investigate the size of the well field and the surrounding villages, farmland, ponds, rivers and other conditions;
Investigation of fracturing pipe column structure and operation progress;
Record the investigation and draw the schematic diagram of the well;
(3) Preparation of fracturing wellhead equipment
Prepare fracturing equipment according to construction design requirements;
Prepare the liquid tank car, and guarantee the cleaning of the tank;
If a surface tank is needed, move it to the well in advance. The parts of the surface tank should be in good condition, the gate should be flexible and easy to use, and keep the tank clean;
(4) Proppant is prepared according to the design requirements;
(5) Preparation of fracturing fluid: liquid formulation according to liquid formulation and requirements;
(6) Connect the ground flow
Check the wellhead valve, wellhead top wire, big four-way bottom flange and upper flange connection, confirm the flexibility and easy to use, connect the fastening; Check the high pressure pipe, screw, movable joint, elbow and seal ring, clean without damage;
The high pressure line should be connected between the wellhead and the fracturing vehicle group, and the high pressure pipeline is prohibited to be suspended to ensure that the pipeline is unimpeded, and there should be no leakage;
Connect the supply line. The quantity of low pressure pipeline should be satisfied with the supply of the mixed sand car, ensure that the pipeline is smooth, and there should be no leakage;
Connection instrument;
Check the computer, printer, plotter and recorder, etc.;
Preheat the instrument before construction;
(7) Site inspection before construction
Communication tools;
The number of fracturing fluid and proppant;
The crosslinking performance of the fracturing fluid was tested to determine the optimal crosslinking ratio, and the performance of the fracturing fluid was determined;
Confirm the wellhead gate switch is correct;
(8) Divide the high pressure area and set the cordon;
(9) Design complete, clear division of labor, personnel in place, unified command.

2. Fracture construction
(1) Circulation
Start the pump and observe the pressure change;
The operation of diesel engine should be normal.
Check valve status;
Pump cycle by stage until the outlet drain is normal;
The liquid excluded from circulation should be discharged into the storage tank;
(2) Test pressure
People stay away from high pressure areas.

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