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Mud Manifold

Mud Manifold

1. Working pressure: 2000-15000PSI 
2. Connection type: Union/Thread/Welding/Flange 
3. Normial diameter: 2″/3″/4″/5″

The mud manifold is special equipment for drilling fluid in the collection delivered by drilling pump which is composed of drill floor and ground valve groups, rigid lines, flexible pipeline, mud valve and filter. R&T Group’s mud manifold meets API SPEC 16C /6A standards.

The company takes the concept of seeking development by the good faith, striving for survival by the quality and enhancing customers' satisfaction. Adhere to a complete set of product research and development system, reliable quality assurance system and advanced CNC machining and quenching and tempering heat treatment equipment, for manufacturing and development of drilling machinery products, to win the customer's long–term trust.
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