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Oil Extraction Wellhead

Oil Extraction Wellhead

1. Working pressure: 2000-15000PSI
2. Material grade: AA-FF
3. Normial diameter: 2 9/16″ - 5 1/8″
4. Temperature grade: LU/PU
5. Specification grade: PSL1-PSL3
6. Performance grade: PR1/PR2

Wellhead equipment and Christmas tree are essential for oil and gas exploitation, compassed of casing head, tubing head and Christmas tree, used to connect casing string and tubing string, and seal the annular spaces between all casing at all layers and between pipelines. In addition, it can be used not only to control wellhead pressure and adjust oil/gas wellhead flow, but also for special operations, such as acid fracturing, water injection and testing, etc.

The company integrates the research, development, production, and marketing of wellhead assembly, medium-and high-pressure valves, X-mas, well control throttle pipe assembly, instruments, flowmeters, oil rig brake blocks, etc. We have  established a complete inspection system and apply entrie-process-control and inspection, from raw materials, semi-finished products to finished product. Focus on the customer and delivery the maximum value for customers as the management concept, positive enterprising to make a greater contribution to the petroleum drilling.

Oil Extraction Wellhead Operation

First, open wells (from the injection well):

  • Make sure that the production system is completed and that the flow is smooth enough to accept fluids after well opening.
  • All the valves on the Christmas tree are in the correct switch state and can control the nozzle (adjustable nozzle).
  • Check the wellhead hydraulic and safety equipment status.

Second, shut the well (since the injection well)

Third, in some downhole operations, the operating procedure of the Christmas tree valve is as follows:

  • Close the well (nozzle, wing valve, purge valve, ground relief valve and main valve) before entering the downhole tool.
  • Open the oil tree cap, install the high riser, the blowout preventer, and then test the pressure by the riser.
  • Open the safety valve on the ground, with a fused screw cap on the safety valve to lock the ground safety valve. In the open position, test the reliability of the locking screw cap.
  • Lock down the hydraulic control circuit of tubing safety valve and test its reliability.
  • Open the main valve and then open the purge valve.
  • In the main valve, the label is hanged on the clear and safety valve in order to prevent that other people casually move the valve.
  • Down into the downhole tools.
  • After the downhole tools rose standpipe, close the main valve and the purge valve.
  • BOP riser drainage and unloading, install the tree cap,
  • Remove the locking screw cap of the ground safety valve, open the hydraulic locking valve of the tubing safety valve down to remove the tag attached,
  • Open well and exploit as instructed.

Oil Extraction Wellhead Functions

  • Connect all layers of underground casing, seal the annular space of each layer of casing, bearing casing part of the weight.
  • Hanging tubing and downhole tools, the weight of all tubing strings in the support well, the annular space between the tubing and the casing.
  • Control and regulation of well production.
  • Ensure that all underground operations, easy to kill operations, take off operations and other measures for construction and pressure measurement, waxing and other daily production management.
  • Acquire the data of hydraulic pressure and casing pressure. 

Wellhead Tree Maintenance 

The maintenance content of the Christmas tree is: keep the equipment clean and leak-free, no oil, no rust, no loose, no missing parts, the switch of each component is flexible and good.

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