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Oil Recovery Equipment Series
Oil Recovery Equipment Series
Our company was specialized in research, design, manufacture and service of Oil Recovery Equipment. Products include pumping unit, sucker rod, polish rod and sucker rod pumping. Our products and service have been used in more than twenty countries and regions, including America, Canada, Mexico, Germany, Australia, India, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Colombia, Kuwait, Russia, Kazakhstan, and so on. By the cooperation with famous companies, we have become the specialized manufacturing company, owning the independent intellectual property.

Specification of our Oil Recovery Equipment

In strict compliance with ISO 9001 quality system standard, we have been equipped with advanced inspection equipment. Each link from raw materials processing to production process is strictly operated; with well-qualified quality inspectors and perfect testing equipment effectively controlling the whole production process and ensuring quality complied. Scientific design, compact structure and reasonable arrangement make onsite maintenance, parts replacement, installation and dismantle much easier. Our products are suitable for high temperature, sand and other special heavy oil well and super heavy oil, and successfully solves the problems of the exploitation for super heavy oil.

Items of Oil Recovery Equipment

  • Pumping unit:  designed and manufactured in accordance with API 11E.
  • Sucker rod: an essential part in the rod production system, is used to connect the pumping unit on the ground and the oil well pump down in the well.
  • Polish rod: is widely used in hardware kitchen utensil and appliances, shipping, petrochemical industry, machine industry, medicine.
  • Sucker rod pumping: can be run into oil tube with the sucker rod as an integer and it is not necessary to lift the tubing string when serving the pump.
  • Pumping Unit

    Pumping Unit

    Designed and manufactured in accordance with API 11E.Provide conventional beam pumping unit and all kinds of unconventional pumping unit (Dual Horsehead pumping unit, belt pumping unit, etc.).Modular ...

  • Sucker Rod

    Sucker Rod

    Steel Grade: grade C---suitable for sour medium environment where they are not susceptible to sulphuric stress cracking.grade D---suitable for the deeper oil well in the non-corrosion or light-corrosi...

  • Polished Rod

    Polished Rod

    Our products meet the API, ISO standards and are sold to United States, Canada, Mexico, Germany, Australia, Indonesia, India, Saudi Arabia, Colombia, Kuwait, Russia, Kazakhstan and other 20 countries and regions.

  • Sucker Rod Pumping

    Sucker Rod Pumping

    The pump can be run into the oil tube with the sucker rod as an integer and it is not necessary to lift the tubing string when serving the pump.

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