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Sucker Rod

Sucker Rod

Grade C: Suitable for sour medium environment where they are not susceptible to sulphuric stress cracking.
Grade D: Suitable for the deeper oil well in the non-corrosion or light-corrosion medium.
Grade K: Suitable for the light loading and corrosion medium shallow well.

Specification (in): 5/8 – 1 1/2
Diameter (in): 20-30
Media: oil

The sucker rod, an essential part in the rod production system, is used to connect the pumping unit on the ground and the oil well pump down in the well. Products comply with Specifications of Sucker Rods (API Spec 11B) and other related standards, and have acquired the authorization to use Official API Monogram. The company produces K, C, D or HL sucker rods with various specifications complying API's requirements.

R&T Group can also provide conventional API sucker rods, corrosion resistant sucker rods, FRP (fiber glass reinforced plastic) sucker rods, polished sucker rods and couplings, special sucker rods for progressive cavity pumps, hollow sucker rods and electric heating systems.
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