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Wellhead Equipment Series
Wellhead Equipment Series
According to the function of the wellhead equipment, they can be divided into oil extraction wellhead, gas extraction wellhead, fracturing wellhead and water injection wellhead. With the high quality products and service, our wellhead equipment have been used in more than twenty countries and regions, such as America, Canada, Mexico, Germany, Australia, India, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Colombia, Kuwait, Russia, Kazakhstan, and so on.

Specification of our Wellhead Equipment

We have become the audited supplier of CNPC and Sinopec. We have obtained the right to use API monogram for petroleum equipment and past the international quality management system certifications, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, GB/T28001, HSE and so on. We use the high quality products and service to meet the different needs of customers all over the world.

Items of Wellhead Equipment

Wellhead equipment, consisting of casing head, tubing head, casing hanger and Christmas tree, mainly are used to control the pressure of the wellhead and the volume of the oil or gas.
  • Casing Head: a part for connection between the casing pipe and the equipment.
  • Tubing head: to support the gravity of the intermediate casing and oil-string casing; to seal the annular space between the layers of casing; to provide connection from tubing head to Christmas tree or other parts of wellhead equipment.
  • Casing hanger: a component of tubing head
  • Christmas tree: is installed on top of the wellhead. It can effectively control and adjust the output of the oil and gas.
  • Oil Extraction Wellhead

    Oil Extraction Wellhead

    1. Working pressure: 2000-15000PSI 2. Material grade: AA-FF 3. Normial diameter: 2 9/16″ - 5 1/8″4. Temperature grade: LU/PU 5. Specification grade: PSL1-PSL36. Performance grade: PR1/PR2R&T Gro...

  • Gas Extraction Wellhead

    Gas Extraction Wellhead

    1. Working pressure: 2000-15000PSI 2. Material grade: AA-ff 3. Normial diameter: 2 9/16″-5 1/8″4. Temperature grade: LU/PU 5. Specification grade: PSL3-PSL3g 6. Performance grade: PR1/PR2R&T Gro...

  • Fracturing Wellhead

    Fracturing Wellhead

    1. Working pressure: 10000-20000PSI 2. Material grade: BB-FF 3. Normial diameter: 2 9/16″-5 1/8″4. Temperature grade: LU/PU 5. Specification grade: PSL1-PSL3G 6. Performance grade: PR1/PR27. Standar...

  • Water Injection Wellhead

    Water Injection Wellhead

    Specification1. Working pressure: 2000-5000Psi 2. Normial diameter: 2 9/16″-3 1/8″3. Temperature grade: LU/PU 4. Specification grade: PSL1-PSL3 5. Connection type: Flange/Clamp6. Product Standard: A...

  • Christmas Tree

    Christmas Tree

    Working pressure: 2000-20000PSI Normial diameter: 2 1/16″-4 1/16″Material grade: AA-FF Oil/Gas/Mud Applicable mediumLU/PU Specification grade: PSL1-PSL3G Performance grade: PR1/PR2Wellhead & X-m...

  • Casing Head

    Casing Head

    Nominal size:9”, 11”, 13-3/8”, 21-1/4”Casing size:5”-16-3/4”Specifications: API 6AType of casing heads: Threaded bottom casing head, Slip bottom casing head, Welded bottom casing headTop Flan...

  • Tubing Hanger

    Tubing Hanger

    Tubing hanger is designed with 45° shoulder and straight seat, with good load bearing capacity. Studded flange The side outlet is studded flange type with CR thread

  • Casing Hanger

    Casing Hanger

    main specifications for referenceworking pressure psi (MPa)inner diameter(mm)side diameter(mm)casing outer diameter(mm)2000(13.8)11"-2 1/4"(280-540)1 13/16"-4 1/16"(46-103)5 1/2"-20"(139.7-508)3000(20...

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