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The Union from R&T is made of high quality steel forged by metal process. We offer a wide range of hammer unions: FIG602, FIG1002, FIG1003, FIG1502, FIG2002, FIG2202; RATED: 5000Psi (35 MPa), 1000Psi (70MPa), and the end connections are available in line pipe thread and butt weld. Union
R&T offers a wide range of goat heads with different size and working pressure as per the customer requirements. Goat Head
R&T provides a wide range of flanges, such as companion flange, blind flange, weld neck flange, etc. Flange
We provide a variety of crosses and tees in different size and working pressures with the material 4130 or 410 as per the customer requirements. Cross and Tee
Casing head is used to fix the drilling well and connect the downhole casing string. JL-22&JL-29 casing heads have a straight bore bowl with 45°C landing shoulder design which avoids damage to sealing areas by drilling tools and prevents test plug and bowl protector wedging problems when pressure is applied. Casing Head
(1) JL-22 and JL-29 casing spools feature a versatile straight bore design with 45° landing shoulder to support maximum casing loads, and accept a wide variety of slip and mandrel type casing hangers, minimizes risk of damage to sealing areas by drilling tools, and prevents test-plug and bow-protector wedging when pressure is applied.

(2) JL-29 casing spools are based on the same design as the JL-22 with exception that the bowl is larger, which allowed the JL-29 casing hanger with larger load capacity.
Casing Spool
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