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  • FRP Pipe

    FRP Pipe

    September 1, 2017(1) chemical inert material, excellent corrosion resistance, and according to the corrosion resistance of medium to choose different pipes.(2) mechanical strength, resistance to water pressure strengt...view
  • Globe Valve

    Globe Valve

    September 1, 2017The structure of globe valve is simpler than that of gate valve, and both its manufacturing and maintenance are relatively convenient.view
  • Sucker Rod Pumping

    Sucker Rod Pumping

    September 1, 2017The pump can be run into the oil tube with the sucker rod as an integer and it is not necessary to lift the tubing string when serving the pump.view
  • Pumping Unit

    Pumping Unit

    September 1, 2017Designed and manufactured in accordance with API 11E.Provide conventional beam pumping unit and all kinds of unconventional pumping unit (Dual Horsehead pumping unit, belt pumping unit, etc.).Modular ...view
  • Casing Hanger

    Casing Hanger

    September 1, 2017main specifications for referenceworking pressure psi (MPa)inner diameter(mm)side diameter(mm)casing outer diameter(mm)2000(13.8)11"-2 1/4"(280-540)1 13/16"-4 1/16"(46-103)5 1/2"-20"(139.7-508)3000(20...view
  • Welded Pipe

    Welded Pipe

    September 1, 20171. Standard: GB, GB/T 3091-2001, GB/T30912. Grade:Q195-Q345, Q195, Q235, Q3453. Thickness:4 - 10 mm4. Section Shape:Round5. Outer Diameter:377 - 508 mm6. Technique:Cold Rolled7. Certification:API8. Sur...view
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