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  • Ball Valve

    Ball Valve

    September 17, 2018Size:DN50-DN900Pressure:Class150-Class1500Material:A216WCB、A105N、CF8Mview
  • Christmas Tree

    Christmas Tree

    September 17, 2018Pressure:2,000PSI~20,000PSI Material Class:AA,BB,CC,DD,EE,FF,HH Temperature:LU/PUview
  • Plug Valve

    Plug Valve

    September 17, 2018Size:1"/2"/3" Pressure:5,000PSI、10,000PSI、15,000PSI Material Class:AA,BB,CC,DD,EE,FF,HHview
  • Check Valve

    Check Valve

    September 17, 2018Size:2 1/16”2 9/16”3 1/8”3 1/16” Pressure:2,000PSI~15,000PSI Temperature:LU/PUview
  • Flange Joint

    Flange Joint

    September 17, 2018Pressure:15,000PSI ​Size:2"、3" ​Connection:FIG1502view
  • Pup Joint

    Pup Joint

    September 17, 2018Pressure:15000PSI Size:2"、3" Connection:FIG1502view
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